Sterelny Kim, The Australian National University, Philosophy Department, Faculty Member. Studies Evolutionary Biology, Archaeology, and Philosophy. 8 Results Visit ‘s Kim Sterelny Page and shop for all Kim Sterelny books. Check out Kim Sterelny. Follow . by Kim Sterelny and Paul E. Griffiths. “Written with both clarity and rigor, Thought in a HostileWorld is a richly informed and sophisticated account of theevolution of complex cognition. Sterelny’s.

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Natural selection allows a lineage to accommodate itself to the specifics of its environment.

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Jason Scott Robert – – Biology and Philosophy 17 5: Work [ edit ] Sterelny’s principal area of research is in the philosophy of biology. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Biological Sciences, Review “Written with both clarity and rigor, Thought in a HostileWorld is a richly informed and sophisticated account of theevolution of complex cognition. He is the winner of several international prizes in the philosophy of scienceand was previously editor of Biology and Philosophy. Religion as an Evolutionary Steelny Usually ships within 1 to 2 months.

Uses editors parameter CS1 maint: Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Evolutionary Biology and Evolution.

The analysis shows that one important source of contingency is the historical emergence of command-and-control institutions; one important source of robustness is the existence of population-level processes structured by relatively stable institutions. He sgerelny “the development of evolutionary biology since is one of the great intellectual achievements of science.

This paper suggests i that while work on animal sterelnny has made good progress in understanding some of the proximate mechanisms and selective regimes through which innovation emerges, it has somewhat neglected the role of the social Peter Godfrey-Smith on selection and evolution’, Biology and Philosophy, vol.


Sterelny Kim | The Australian National University –

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The Natural Origins of Content more. New articles by this author. Sterelny’s arguments appeal, not somuch because they reinforce our preconceptions — on thecontrary, we are frequently challenged — but rather becausethey are informed, well-reasoned, oim leave us with plenty to thinkabout.

Cooperation and its Evolution.

Kim Sterelny, SNAFUS: An Evolutionary Perspective – PhilPapers

But the ethnological record is also replete with evidence of maladaptive beliefs and practices, and of failures to adapt to changing circumstances. The Imagery Debate more.

Maclaurin and Sterelny also explore the case for the conservation of these biodiversities using option value theory, a tool borrowed from economics. Symbiosis, Evolvability and Modularity more. Aims and Assumptions more. In the life sciences, there is wide-ranging debate about biodiversity.

In this paper I argue that there are some similar mechanisms of constraint ; there are some differences ; but the major difference results from a division of labor between inheritance systems; the problem of fast change has been offloaded from the genetic to the cultural system. The first is to offer an explicit and substantive theory of the evolution of human intelligence [Homo sapiens is by far the most intelligent of species, and the gap between ourselves and other intelligent species is stunningly large].

Male displays ensured that only the best and Thought in a hostile world is a brilliant book that sifts through virtually all areas of modern research into human behavior, and synthesizes a coherent picture of the nature of human cognition.


Professor Kim Sterelny

Bence Nanay – – In H. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Sterelny’s “folk psychology” model is of course the rational actor model of standard economic theory, although Sterelny defends a sophisticated version of the model proposed by Jerry Fodor’s The Language of Thought But a family of selective theories of science can be identified ranging from the very ambitious to the very modest.

First, natural selection is much more constrained than scientific change; for example it is hard to populations of organisms to escape local maxima. American Psychological Association, It does so sterelnyy considering a set of contrasting cases and by identifying critical differences amongst the cases. The book argues that humans are cognitively, socially, and sexually very unlike the other great apes, and that despite our relatively recent separation from their lineages, human social and cognitive evolution has been driven by unusual evolutionary mechanisms.

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Thought in A Hostile World more. Arguing that we cannot make rational decisions about what it is to be protected without knowing what biodiversity is, James Maclaurin and Kim Sterelny offer in What Is Biodiversity?