A whisper on the tide. Sapphire’s father mysteriously vanishes into the waves off the Cornwall coast where her family has always lived. She misses him terribly. Master storyteller Helen Dunmore writes the story of Sapphire and her brother Conor, and their discovery of INGO, a powerfu. Helen Dunmore captures the magical appeal of the Cornish coast in Ingo, says Philip Ardagh.

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A novel of immense power and humanity that captures both a young girl’s feelings of love and ijgo darkness of a hazardous, adult world, Ingo is a tantalizing first book in this trilogy.

Something fishy

Ships from and sold by SharehouseGoods. Against their mother’s orders, she and her brother Connor Ingo follows the life and secrets revolving around a dumore named Sapphire and her love for the sea. Until Connor also went missing for a certain period of time and eventually, the two of them got pulled by the water and discovered a world beyond the into. Sapphire, frankly, drones on and on about her connection to the ocean, but when her mother’s new boyfriend suggests Sapphire should have the dog she’s always wanted, Sapphire rethinks her loyalty to Ingo.

His face looked faraway ingk a bit unhappy. Conor is able to hear the seals song that they sing to the dying Mer, so he sings their song and makes them calm down.


Ingo Series

HarperTeen; Hrlen edition January 29, Language: Adult Written by funny April 7, She had been in love with a human man who eventually swam away with her and became Mer. But the story lodged deep inside my mind like an underwater rock that can tear a ship open in bad weather.

A boy almost drowns and two men are attacked by gray seals. The Mer new comment by Ssnz Comment: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Ingo takes on the struggle between two worlds, between two types of people, between two ways of life. I stroked the wooden mermaid again, and wished I could see her in real life, swimming up nigo stream with her beautiful shining tail.

Watch a video trailer for Ingo Requires Flash Player. Lives depend on it. In fact Helen Dunmore was looking at properties in St.

Ingo Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. You have been warned. They know he would never let his boat the Peggy Gordon crash into the rocks.

And I found Granny Carne’s role very intriguing. The fire blazes up, and everyone links hands and begins to dance around it, faster and faster.

Ingo (novel) – Wikipedia

And it wasn’t rushed too. There’s a bit of unreliable narrator going on here – not subtle stuff, really – but the ending of the book seems to come down on both sides simultaneously, so it’s not just that.


Dunmorre site uses cookies. I realized that the loss-of-parent thing is very relevant today, what with divorce rates being what they are, but the formula gets irritatingly predictable.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this book to my friends, despite the mermaids, and dolphins not to forget – who were awesome. Read on for more. Read more Read less. I read it several years ago, but Cornwall, England has stuck in my mind ever since.

Sign in or join to save for later. It has that feel of traditional lore of fae — a sort of chaotic neutral. Read reviews that mention main character mer people harry potter brother conor older brother brother igno helen dunmore great book underwater world read this book father disappears girl named year old young girl world of ingo sapphire and her brother character sapphire named sapphire called ingo loved this book.

Full details of all these books are available on this website. As with the sea enchantment, this desire is all-encompassing to the point of ridiculousness.

Ingo Book 1 Paperback: If only it was always like this. I highly recommend this book, for younger children. See all 44 reviews.