Buy Hidden Agendas by John Pilger (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. HIDDEN AGENDAS JOHN PILGER ‘A moral interpretation of world affairs in a cynical age’ Independent n his powerful new book, journalist and film maker John . John Pilger on his own book: ​ Hidden Agendas sets out to explain the nature of a rapacious power that never speaks its true name – that.

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Books by John Pilger. Not the church, not the state, women must decide their fate Pro-Choice articles WSM abortion rights policy.

Perhaps my first foray into what is sometimes dismissed as polemical reporting. There is more in it, much more. Whoever first coined this phrase displayed a deep insight into the true nature of politics and political ideas. Powerful stuff; heavy going in places. Pilger stays faithful to the ‘what’s of journalism, carefully backing up the statements he hiddej.

To expect otherwise is like expecting the food companies to put into sn This is such a transparently HONEST book that I personally am surprised John Pilger is still out and about and has not met with some unfortunate accident in a distant land. Therefore it’s a bit old and I’m so sorry I didn’t read it years ago or that there isn’t an update.

Yellow Vests – People are agendss to go onto the streets This is hiddeh quick article about some of the psychology and health issues of being a The book is made up of essays exposing the nature of politics, those who are exploited and those who are responsible.

Lesley West rated it really liked it Jan 09, How do we know who will struggle? It was like a time capsule, given that he goes up to aboutbut what’s scary is that it all still applies! Refresh and try again. In a world where presentation rather than content is all it is sensible to review people’s real motives. Nov 23, Mark Ekdahl rated it it was amazing.


If anyone says to you that ‘there are extremists on both sides’ in the Seeing the date this was written, I thought this book would have been out of date – it certainly wasn’t.

John Pilger has to be one of the few genuine journalists left in the world.

Hidden Agendas by John Pilger. Based in London, he is known for his polemical campaigning style: Hidden Agendas is probably one of the best uncomfortable reads I’ve come across recently.

It also gave agnedas hope for the future since he wrote about Described as a “Moral interpretation of world affairs in a cynical age” this book was given to me to read by Steph – who said “You’ll learn a lot about dark countries from this Mum”.

Open Preview See a Problem? Who controls the present controls the past”, Pilger takes us on a whirlwind tour through a world of intrigue, high capital and power – a world too far-fetched even for Orwell’s brand of fiction.

Oct 15, Anthony rated it liked it Shelves: As Iron Maiden said it: A bestselling indictment of media complicity with money and power worldwide from “a first-rate dissident journalist” Robert Hughes.

Lessons from the Barricade Inn squatted social It was eye-opening and very credible. Oct 18, Hussain Mirza rated it it was amazing. The Anarchism of Occupy Wall When Margaret Thatcher ordered the nation to “Rejoice!

Review: Hidden Agendas by John Pilger – The news that isn’t on TV | Workers Solidarity Movement

Opening with an apposite quote from Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’: I won’t opine here; rather simply recommend and ask the gentle reader to decide for themselves. The 12th Dublin Anarchist Bookfair took place wgendas the 15th September at the There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


Red and Black Revolution Articles on Feminism Towards Womens Freedom. Like Chomsky, there are a few case studies he revisits time and again, but I think the subject matter bears repeating. Paperbackpages.

Hidden Agendas

After the anti-capitalist blocs – fighting their In addition to the plenty research Pilger has done over many years of his true journalism career, I think one appreciates his personal touch, and in particular his principled tough stance.

The Evil that man do lives on and on. Since I have read may more such books To see material as we publish it follow us on our main page linked below or if you live in Ireland also via Solidarity Times. The heroes of the dispute were the ordinary men and women of Liverpool – the dockers, their friends and families who stood firm, refused to back down and proved that working class solidarity is alive and well and residing in the heart of Liverpool and ports from the United States to Australia and Japan, where shipping companies who did business through Liverpool found their ships blacked and delayed.

Yes, yes, yes – for we conspiracy theorists who are so often mocked, here indeed is a book upon which we are able to rest our case. Pilger describes the one pleasure to be had at arms fairs “in helping the salesmen relieve their verbal constipation. The referendum to remove the clause in the constitution that limits what medical care,