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Pray, revive with the nectar of Your lips O valiant One, these women, in the person of ourselves, who are ready to do Your bidding and who are getting charmed,O Lord with lotus eyes, by Your melodious speech, consisting of delightful expressions and pleasing even to the learned.

We have been saved by You time and again, O jewel among men, from death through poisonous water, from the clutches of a demon disguised as a snake Aghasura by namefrom showers and storm as well as from strokes of lightning, from the demon that appeared in the form of a calf, as well as from Vyomasura the son of the demon Mayanay from every other peril.

Solicited by Brahma, You appeared, O Friend, in the race of the Yadus for the protection of the universe.

You hearty laugh, O Darling, loving glances and pastimes which are happy to contemplate on and Your covert jests uttered in secret, that went deep into our heart, really agitate our mind now that you are away from us vopi, O deceitful Lover!

This text is prepared by volunteers and is to be used for personal feetam and research. The mind of us all, whose life is centered in You, reels at the very thought of it.

॥ गोपीगीतम् ॥

Surely Geetzm are no mere son topi a cowherd woman Yasodabeing the witness of the mind of all embodied souls. Please help to maintain respect for volunteer spirit. Your manifestation on earth, O Darling, has put an end to the sorrows of the inhabitants of Goppi as well as of the denizens of the forest, and is extrmely auspicious for the whole universe. O Delighter of souls, pray set on our bosom, O Teetam of agony, Your most blissful lotus-like feet, which grant the desires of those that bow low to them, and are worshipped by Brahma the lotus-bornwhich are the ornament of the earth and are worth contemplating upon in times of adversity.

Place on our head, O beloved Lord, Your lotus-like palm, that has vouchsafed protection, O Chief of geeram Vrishnis, to those that have sought your feet from fear of transmigration, nay, which grants all desires and has clasped the hand of Shri as a part of the marriage ceremony.


O Alleviator of the suffering of the people of Vraja, O gallant Lord, whose very smile crushes the pride born of unrequited love of your own people, accept in your service, O Friend, us, Your avowed servants and reveal to us goi women Your charming lotus-like countenance.

Pray, unreservedly administer to us – whose mind is full of longing for You – at least gopk little of that remedy in the form of Your company which may relieve the pangs of heart of Your own people. And dull-witted is he Brahma who has created rows of hair on the edge and thus interrupted the joy of eyes of us all, that eagerly behold without winking, Your splendid countenance overhung by curly hair on Your return from the woods at eventide. Completely neglecting our husband, children, kinsmen, brothers and other relations, O immortal Lord, and enchanted by the shrill note of Your flute, we have sought Your presence, knowing as we did Your alluring ways.

Gopi Geetham –

geteam Set on our bosom your lotus feet, which dissipate the sins of all embodied beings that bow down to You, which follow out of affection even animal that live on grass, which are the abode of beauty and prosperity and which were dauntlessly placed on the hoods of a terrible snake Kaliyaand thereby soothe the pangs of love pent up in our heart. Sunder Hattangadi sunderh at hotmail.

Vouchsafe to us, O heroic Lord, the nectar of your lips, which heightens our enjoyment and destroys all grief, nay which is fully enjoyed by the flute sounded by You and makes people forget all other attachments. Munificent are those men who extensively recite on earth Your nectar-like story, which is life-giving to the geeram, has been celebrated by the wise, and eradicates all sins, which is auspicious to hear and is most soothing too.

Is it no massacring here on Your part, O Granter of boons, who kill us, Your gratuitous slaves, O Bestower of enjoyment, by your shaft-like eyes, that steal the splendour of the interior of a lovely and full-blown lotus growing in an autumnal geegam You traverse the forest on those tender lotus-like feet which, O Darling, we have gently and timidly set on our hard bosom for fear of injuring them.


Are they not pained by coming in contact with gravel, etc.?

O Trickster, would abandon helpless women at dead of night? Bhagavata Purana – Part X-Chap. Goi Your amorous advances made in secret, Your smiling countenance, which kindles love in our heart, Your loving glances and broad chest, the abode of Shri the goddess of beauty and prosperityour mind gets infatuated again and again through intense longing to meet You.

Encoded by Sunder Hattangadi sunderh hotmail. The file is not to be copied or reposted for promotion of any website or individuals or for commercial purpose without permission.

Sanskrit Documents Sitemap vishhnu Search.

When You proceed to the woods during the daytime, even half a gop becomes an age to us, who fail to see You. Vraja shines all the more brightly by Your descent in the house of Nanda and Yashoda ; for Laxmi the Goddess of beauty and prosperity constantly dwells here from that time in order to catch your glimpse. You kindle love in our heart, O gallant Lord, again and again, geetzm as You reveal Yourself before us at the close of the day, wearing a countenance overhung by dark curly locks and soiled with the dust raised by cows that constitute the wealth of the Gopasand thus resembling a lotus surrounded by black bees and covered with pollen.

Our mind, O beloved Lord, grows uneasy to think that your feet, charming as a lotus, get pricked with spikes of corn, blades of grass and sprouts when You go out of Vraja pasturing the cattle.