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The results were esperanzq as far as what the students took with them from the book and our activities. We started this one the very first day of our Guatemala study.

Esperanza Test Review Carol Gaab

Mackie H rated it did not like it Oct 22, Refresh and try again. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. We discussed the before-reading discussion questions from the Teacher’s Guide. We also did a partner ordering of the song lyrics on another day, using big sentence strips on cardstock. Read the article about strikes from the Teacher’s Guide, and discuss it and justice using the questions provided.

Make sure the dialogue is realistic for the characters and does NOT come from the book. I hope these ggaab may be beneficial to those of you who are also teaching with Esperanza. On a separate paper describe how at least 5 of the pictures relate to the story. I spent 2 days with the story prior to introducing the song.


This song is … Continue reading Chicken Bus Song. We make a pretty good team, if I do say so! Put together a collage for the book using at least 10 magazine pictures or color images from the computer. Just beware that the site has changed since the guide was published, and there is now a search feature AND Augusto Francisco’s biography is no longer on the site. After that, we talked about what those lyrics meant.

Write a poem about one of the characters in the book. Here is an epseranza of my lesson plans for Chapter 3 of Esperanza: It was a very rich discussion in Spanish. Each team receives an identical set of cards answers to the questions I will ask.

As they listen, have them draw murals to map out the action and locations in this chapter.

It is difficult, on one hand, to believe that I have not been able to blog since August. Some of the things in the file are:. It was inspiring and motivating.

I will play the song and the students will arrange the pictures to go with the lyrics of the song. We listened to “La llamada” by Selena and completed the gaag described … Continue reading Esperanza, Chapter 3 Share this: How do you open it??? The drawing should illustrate the MAIN events in the book.

Each event must have a picture and a description. The song is a HUGE hit in my classes. You esperamza create your own script.


Esperanza by Carol Gaab

Alternately, you could adapt a song that already exists. So many people have been acknowledging the tremendous benefits and relevance of teaching with novels and CI, that there is no need for me to say more…. Esperanza y Gaby Moreno and Esperanza…. Could spark some good activities around the immigrant experience to help students esperajza understand why people make the hard choice to leave everything behind.

I have not yet worked with the lyrics with the classes yet since I want to keep this as an end activity when they know that the family has made it to the United States. We decided to really focus on La Guerra Civil before we began the actual book. Lauren Kay rated it it was ok Apr 24, This is a beautiful, sad song about the life of an immigrant that lives and works alone presumably in the US for many years to provide for his wife and son that live in another country.

It was a story about a family living in Guatemala crossing the border and going to the United States. We used several videos: