The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana has ratings and 16 reviews. Lori said: This book is big. Really big. Vastly and hugely big. You may think it. Fantastic Victoriana is an incredibly ambitious work. Any work that sets out to call itself an “encyclopedia” of anything is immediately setting. When approaching any massive encyclopedic reference work such as Jess Nevins’s The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana, one of the first things to do is look.

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I’m also sure, however, that there are others beside me that must have looked at something filed in a particular place in Fantastic Victoriana and thought “huh? Most of the source texts will be out of copyright by now, so by all means steal from it.

This, I should mention, is a thing I do with reference books sometimes. Aug 01, Patrick rated it it was amazing.

I held onto this book for a good couple of months before reviewing it. Probably the most amazing collection of Victorian “pulp” fiction references available. Introduction by Michael Moorcock gets it extra points. When you do get to the entry you’re looking for, the usual format is a brief synopsis of the text followed by an analysis of the victoroana in a wider context.

Entries such as “Fin de Siecle,” “Future War,” and “The Yellow Peril” serve as touchstones or maps to other entries which dig deeper into works discussing the issue at hand. Entries are organized, for example, by character name. Strange Horizons is a weekly magazine of and about speculative fiction.

The encyclopedia could not possibly have been such a smooth read if it were strictly a collection of characters, or books, or tropes, or any one thing at all, but it is, in fact, a melange – a pleasant melange, but a melange all the same. People may also be interested in his pulp heroes site, as well as his notes on Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


A good reference book for anyone interested in this time period or trying to decipher references to this time period. Sima rated it it was amazing Feb 19, Be the first to ask a question about The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana. As the title suggests this is in fact a straightforward encyclopedia, featuring listings and write-ups summarizing background, explaining character traits, etc…for hundreds of characters, ranging from the obvious to the obscure.

Buy this book and read it. These bitesize chunks of analysis are a fine way to satisfy immediate curiosity and provide a springboard for further research.

The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana by Jess Nevins

Proudly powered by WordPress. Jul 17, Riju Ganguly rated it it was amazing. This book is text, text, fntastic more text. Return to Book Page. Learn from it and enjoy it. Despite the fact that the entries are in alphabetical order, there’s just no predicting where you should look for a given character, location, or work, a fact that wouldn’t be quite so vexing if the book had an index, which, sadly, it does not.

May 17, Landon rated it liked it. But it’s not, and that’s a deliberate choice on the author’s part.

But most of all, relish the constant surprises you’ll get from finding something new and surprising—whether or not it was found emcyclopedia you’d expect.

By this time, however, Nevins had also begun casting his net more widely, compiling information on fantastical literature of the V Reading encyclopediae is not normally my bag, but Jess Nevins’ masterpiece of genre research begged to be made an exception.


The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana

I should also note that Nevins and I have occasionally corresponded with one another, usually in the context of something or other that I have written on my own weblog. There is, however, an entry for “Hyde, Edmund. Highly recommended to Sherlockians and students of the Victorian pop literature scene alike!

By this time, however, Nevins had also begun casting his net more widely, compiling information on fantastical literature of the Victorian era more generally. Sep 06, Joseph Teller rated it really liked it Shelves: Ralph rated it it was amazing Feb 08, In idle moments, Tim also wishes that he hadn’t subcontracted the writing of his jokes to a cut-rate Victoraina Cooper knockoff.

It is over 1, pages long, its pages are large, and there are no illustrations.

Jess Nevins’ The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana

Again, this makes the book more readable at the expense of its usefulness as a reference. The author makes numerous judgement calls and critical reviews throughout the book many of which are quite funnybut expressing his opinion so openly may irk some readers. From detective fiction to historical novels, from well-known authors like Jules Verne and H.

Dave rated it it was amazing Dec 23, Despite Nevins’somewhat apologetic note regarding being subjective, it is my opinion that that is the only way by which the Victorian literature can be made vivid enough to oversome the fog and gaslight.