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Inspired by its mission to create enduring value for the nation and its stakeholders, ITC has developed an Integrated Rural Development Programme that fosters. What Connects a Corporate Giant, Farmers and We the Consumer? Meet ITC e- Choupal. This initiative has enabled farmers from over 40, Close to two decades after its launch, e-Choupal, a well-recognised rural-digital infrastructure network of ITC Ltd, the FMCG, hotels.

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These particularly small enterprises lack access to markets and hence do not ifc predictable income and growth. ITC e-Choupal’s achievements have been well documented as case studies in premier institutions like the Harvard Business School, references in World Bank reports and in eminent publications like The Economist. The town has tried in vain to emerge as anything but a disputed site that divides religious communities.

Targetting 10 million farmers in e-choupal network by ITC

The programme installs computers with Internet access in rural areas of India to offer farmers up-to-date marketing and agricultural information. The global spot gold prices surged 1.

E-Choupals, coupled with flagship agri extension irc – “Choupal Pradarshan Khet”, has been famed for the dissemination of deep understanding of agricultural practices, collaborations with India’s premier research institutes, and a competitive and efficient supply chain that helped ITC deliver immense value across the agricultural value chain.

The company said FY consumer spend on the brands from the new FMCG businesses are now close to Rs 14, crore with major brands such as Aashirwad and Sunfeast garnering Rs 3, crore and Rs 3, crore of sales respectively. ITC plans personalised crop management services via e-Choupal 3.


Published on September 11, Call of the Countryside India Today. Expand all Collapse all The Big Picture ITC’s Agri Business Division, one of India’s largest exporters of agricultural commodities, has conceived e-Choupal as a more efficient supply chain aimed at delivering value to its customers around the world on a sustainable basis. Now, e-choupal goes pay-to-use Hindustan Times. Since the introduction of e-Choupal services, farmers have seen a rise chopual their income levels because of a rise in yields, improvement in quality of output, and a fall in transaction costs.

ITC e-Choupal eco-system

The outlook for the stock of Kalpataru Power Transmission is positive. Please visit our sites: Here, further testing is conducted by trained technicians.

Agricultural marketing in India E-commerce in India. The Award provides impetus to sustainable development and encourages ongoing social responsibility processes within the corporate sector. In Maharashtra, it appears the rural jobs scheme is being implemented on paper alone. This article has been written in partnership with ITC Limited.

E-Choupal – Wikipedia

Select Year Technicians are trained to provide an integrated package consisting of artificial insemination, cattle health and nutrition, pregnancy and post-natal services right at the farmer’s doorstep.

In the new year, marketers will have to focus on four new essentials. The evolved model will cater to the new generation of agri- entrepreneurs and agrarian start-ups dealing with a wide array of services from hyper-local weather forecasts to support systems for precision agriculture; from sensors for smart irrigation to drones for crop-health monitoring; from image processing for disease recognition to predictive analytics for epidemic management; from next-gen farm management to online consumer outreach directly.

In its next phase — the ITC e-Choupal 4. This, in turn, creates another virtuous cycle that is propelling the economy into a higher growth trajectory. O by mid; shift to mobile platform, handholding of agri-startups key. By using this site, you agree to ee Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The New Cohupal heralds an election season marked by yearning, anger, uncertainty — and above all, hope. As a market-led business model, ITC e-Choupal has enhanced the competitiveness of Indian agriculture and triggered a virtuous cycle of higher productivity, higher incomes and enlarged capacity for farmer risk management, larger investments and higher quality and productivity.


The system saves procurement costs for ITC Limited.

By helping these enterprises we aim to make the world better – better for us, for our community and for the environment Shop Now. The e-Choupal model creates a significant two-way multi-dimensional channel, which can efficiently carry products and services into and out of rural India, while recovering the associated costs through agri-sourcing led efficiencies,” the company states.

An innovative model embedded with social goals, the ITC e-Choupal empowers farmers and hopes to trigger higher productivity and income through a host of services related to know-how, best practices, timely and relevant weather information, a transparent discovery of prices, access to quality agri-inputs at competitive prices and so on.

It sources produce like wheat, soybean, coffee, shrimp, pulses, millets, barley, and jowar along with fruits such as mango, litchi, among others.

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