Downloads. Package insert Spanish Lot: – Expiry: 05/ Ed. 8; Package insert French Lot: – Expiry: 05/ Ed. 8; Package insert . Summary [1, 2]. Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) is a glycated hemoglobin which is formed by the non-enzymatic reaction of glucose with native hemoglobin. HbA1c FS*. Diagnostic reagent for quantitative in vitro determination of hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) in whole blood on. DiaSys respons® Order Information.

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The reagent kit according to claim 11, wherein the solution R2 for stabilising the leuco dye contains at least one thio compound, wherein the at least one thio compound is preferably selected from thiodiglycol, thiomalic acid, thionicotinamide, thio-NAD and mixtures thereof.

In general the present invention however does not require any specificity of the protease in regard to differentiation between glycated hbw1c non-glycated haemoglobin.

In an embodiment of the present invention the various reagents used in HbA1c determination are brought together in the form of the following solutions which are provided in separate containers: Ca 2 and chelator: Alternatively for stabilising the leuco dye it is also possible to add thio compounds, more especially single ones or a plurality of thioalcohols, thioethers, thioketones or mixtures thereof.

Inter alia the following metalloproteases belong to the clan MA: The haemoglobin which is unfolded in accordance with the present invention therefore remains in solution in contrast to denatured haemoglobin.

The present invention however also embraces such samples like for example blood preserves, purified blood, whole blood lyophilisate, erythrocytes concentrate, pre-haemolysed blood samples, haemoglobin standard solutions, HbA1c standard solutions and standard solutions which contain synthetic haemoglobin degradation products like for example synthetic HbA1c degradation products.

The increase in nm extinction in relation to time is in that case a measurement in respect of conversion of the leuco form of the dye into its coloured variant and thus a measurement in respect of oxidative destabilisation of the leuco form.

In a given embodiment the SH group-trapping agent, for example NEM, is contained in the haemolysis solution. A comprehensive explicit representation of all conceivable embodiments is dispensed with here only for the sake of brevity and readability of the description.


Accordingly in certain embodiments of the invention the leuco dye is produced in a solution which for stabilisation of the dye contains at least one compound of the general formula I like for example TCEP and at least one thio compound like for example thiodiglycol. In many embodiments the ratio of chelator: Accordingly the protease thermolysin is markedly better protected against self-digestion in temperature-independent relationship hva1c that composition, than in the other compositions.

A markedly greater amount of the protease thermolysin is evidently visible in the bands 4 and 5 in comparison with the other bands of the gel.

oneHbA1c FS – DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

A SumoBrain Solutions Company. Preceding efficient unfolding of haemoglobin and also stabilisation of that unfolded form are of essential significance for accurate measurement of Hb and HbA1c. Therefore the inventors of the present application set themselves the object of providing a method of determining the amount of glycated haemoglobin HbA1c in a sample and reagents dasys can be used in hba11c respect, in which the chemical compounds essential to the reaction are present in sufficiently stable form.

In an embodiment of the invention described in the present application there is provided a reagent kit which includes at least the following three solutions in separate containers: Detergents are organic compounds which are made up of a nonpolar and a polar part, wherein the nonpolar part is at least an alkyl group or an alkylbenzene group and the polar part is selected at least from an alcohol, ether, alcohol-ether, carboxyl, sulphonyl, sulphatyl or quaternary ammonium group.

DiaSys InnovaStar®_利德曼

viasys The metal ions can be used in the reagent solution employed in any suitable salt form as long as the selected salt form affords the required amount of dissolved metal ion in the batch like for example hba11c, nitrates, sulphates, formiates and acetates. Firstly—insofar as is required—sample preparation is effected, in which whole blood is mixed with the haemolysing solution. In the embodiments which are present in the form of copolymers they include, besides the units with the above-specified general formula IIthey include further methacrylate units which are esterified with aliphatic or aromatic residues.

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In a given method of quantifying hydrogen peroxide, a reduced leuco dye is oxidised with hydrogen peroxide.

The application on which the measurement was based for the BM c was in that case as follows: The method according to claim 1, wherein the stabiliser used is a mixture of two or more chemical compounds of the above-indicated kind.

The chelator concentration can be freely selected within the above-specified range in dependence on the amount of protease. Preferably the zwitterionic detergent is selected from at least one chemical compound which is covered by the following general formula III wherein R is selected from an ciasys residue of a chain length in the range C8 to C Just 19 of those 39 families can be associated with the so-called neutral zinc metalloprotease.

HbA1c Calculator

To resolve that problem the state of the art proposed for example for the protease thermolysin removing zinc from the theremolysin by chelators, in particular SH group-containing reagents, or by a simple excess of EDTA. If proteases are in their active form over a prolonged period there is the risk that significant proportions of the enzyme are destroyed by self-digestion.

The cleaved glycated peptide is then reacted by the FPOX, wherein hydrogen peroxide is produced upon cleaving of the glycated peptide into peptide and glucosone.

Determining the amount of HbA1c can basically hab1c effected by all quantification procedures, known to the man skilled in the art, for the glycated haemoglobin degradation products produced in method step blike for example by an HPLC analysis or enzymatic determination, as was described hereinbefore.

Insofar as diayss HbA1c is already present free in the sample to be analysed method step a is not required. A HbA1c calibration signals.