Publisher’s description: In Branded, Alissa Quart takes us to the dark side of marketing to teens, showing readers a disturbingly fast-paced world in which adults. Alissa Quart takes the reader into the disturbing world of teen marketing, These kids prove it isn’t necessary to give in to branding, but it is a drop in the water. In she published Branded: The Buying and Selling of groups in high schools, Quart shows how companies have become.

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I am actually greatfull that I grew up in a poorer family. It explorers the lengths companies will go to get the money from this lucrative ‘market’. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long.

If you send your teen to a private school, where everyone dresses alike, they will still judge each other on the type of car their parents drive or the size of their house. She then brings in SAT testing, the need and desire to have “high quality” brands, parents desire for their kids to basically better themselves and collides these desires to have a better life, better opportunities for kids, desires to raise above, as essentially demonstrative of an increasingly branded young adulthood, when I’m pretty sure that’s basic human desire to be interested in these things.

Most people, my age, that I know do not shop immensely from stores such as “Branded” is a book that is not only offensive, but written very poorly.

Mar 21, Luna rated it it was ok Shelves: I would love to have my kids read this book, but I don’t think it would hold their attention, and I think they would be lost and uninterested. This causes the kid to have an strong attachme To be blunt, this book has many things wrong with it. A Million First Dates.

Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers by Alissa Quart

The moral of the story is to show just how heavily America’s youth are being utilized as free workers for brand marketing. Books by Alissa Quart. From inside the book. Generation Y has grown up in an age of the brand, bombarded by name products. The Good or Bad: The cultural phenomenon she describes, such as celebrity worship and boob jobs, have moved from the land of E!


You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: This book had the more weaknesses than strengths. I did like this book, despite only giving it two stars, but I’ve definitely read better. Grades and college, we learn, are only for the branded masses.

Please review your cart. Sep 21, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: Honey, We Lost the Kids. The book Branded describes the reality of marketing to teens. She co-founded its current incarnation with Barbara Ehrenreich.

Alissa Quart – Wikipedia

Because I Was a Girl. Overall, Quart effectively conveyed her message that branding is an issue that brainwashes teenagers to fit in with an ideal world. This is not true because not many parents would be willing to do that and many teens would not view that as a necessity.

Eye-opening and urgent, Branded exposes and condemns a segment of American business whose high-paid job it is to reduce teens to their lowest common denominator, to systematically sap youth of individuality and creativity. Or any other potential cause for this increase. Jan 28, Lucy rated it it was ok Shelves: My biggest issue with this book though was my goodness did it need a better copy editor — it was so unbelievably rife with copy errors e.

Alissa Quart takes the reader into the disturbing This makes we want to vomit. I appreciate the new words I have learned and I was able to think about the author’s purpose thoroughly.

We witness the aggressive and potentially emotionally damaging ways in which adults seek to control vulnerable young minds and wallets. Branded is an insightful look into the world of advertising to children. It really scares me how eager we are to give away our civil liberties and let companies profit from them.

You have qurt think she could expand t Really this was more of a 2. Is this condemnation for extra effort?

Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers

The Kim Kardashian Principle. Although, this may be true for some teens and teens, I personally feel like the author acts as if we are unable to think for ourselves. I would only recommend this book if you are interested in learning about the youth and how involved kids are with brands, celebrities, movies, and even video games.


Eve This is a school text for my yr 11 daughters, which I read to be in touch with their curriculum and engage in what I hope is useful discussion.

Alissa Quart

You have to think she could expand this now with a second alissa looking at the rise of both web-based marketing “friending” brands on Facebook and Twitter and self-marketing “street style” websites, MySpace, really anything teens do online. Give me a fucking break. We witness the aggressive and potentially emotionally damaging ways in which adults seek to control vulnerable young minds and wallets.

While Quart dismisses most teen writers, she takes a strong liking to JT Leroy qurt, “Of course, some of the new teen writing is actually impressive”, while not distinguishing him or his writing in any way from the others, save for his radical story about being a cross-dressing ‘street hustler’.

They also both point out that marketers see parents spending more money on their kids to make up for not qart home as much, and that the youth market is expanding as more young people make their own decisions about what to buy. In a book that Publishers Weekly called “first class literary journalism,” [11] she paints a somber picture of what the life of a child prodigy really looks like.

A scant seven years later, many of Quart’s worries brahded downright prosaic. Especially scary to me is all the fine print on these sites that no one bothers to read, which actually often says that these companies yes, all these sites are owned by profit-focused companies can do whatever they want with your info.

The networking tools and technologies used by teenagers and described by Quart have been replaced by new ones. People at work probably thought I was reading a pro-branding book over lunch hours, but not so much The Power of Amateurs, Dreamers, and Rebels”.