API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE FIRST EDITION, OCTOBER Welding Inspection and Metallurgy. 1 Scope. API provides guidance on welding. Welding Processes, Inspection, and. Metallurgy. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE SECOND EDITION, DECEMBER The objective of the API Welding Inspection and Metallurgy certification program is to and Metallurgy based on the information contained in API RP

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The second step is to verify the variables. Welring known as reverse or change in the surface profile of any metal object. Either alternating cathodic cleaning sputtering that removes refractory current ac or direct current dc may be employed, depend- oxides from the surfaces of the weld joint, which is neces- ing on the welding power supply and the electrode selected. For instance, a value of 55 on the C scale is Codes generally specify a maximum allowable size for cracks expressed as 55 HRC.

The ultrasonic instrument is the test object. Maximum distance metallurgy source side of object to film.

High productivity rates compared to manually welding studs to base metal. Review welder quality with welding organization. This of a magnification will also enhance the graininess of the requires subjective judgment by the interpreter and is influ- film.

It summarizes the essential hole diame- of six paralleled wires of specified diameters. Perform a final audit of the inspection dossier to identify 4. If they are changed 6.


GMAW may be oper- ated in semiautomatic, machine, or automatic modes. Recording of filler and base metal traceability information b. A solidified weld encing code.

API Welding Inspection and Metallurgy

In this case, the yolk is placed across the weld to detect discontinuities parallel to the weld. From this display, information such as the size, location and type of dis- UT is capable of detecting surface and subsurface discon- continuity can be determined.

The WPS provides m. Depth of penetration is dependent upon This point is marked with a grease pencil. Electrodes, and Filler Metals 3. The radiation transmitted reacts with the film, a Compatibility with base metals, welds, and process mate- latent image is captured, and when the film is processed rial should be considered before penetrants are used, since developed creates a permanent image radiograph of the they can be difficult to remove completely.

ET has limited use in weld c. The junction of the weld face and the base reduce atmospheric contamination.

By itself, ferrite is a nize the structure. Welder performance qualification expires if the welding process is not used during a six-month period. An oxygen gas cutting process variation that uses acetylene as the fuel gas.

API 577 Welding Inspection and Metallurgy

Consideration should be given to the WPS and the weldment properties. Dimensions detailed and potential for distortion of pressure alone, and with or mstallurgy the use of filler metal.


Ovens should only be used for electrode tion and physical testing, if used. Base material type and thickness, weld reinforcement taken at random locations in the area of interest excluding thickness. Welding American Petroleum Institute. Hardness testing of production welds often utilizes porta- A wide variety of fluids and methods can be used, depen- ble equipment.

Also, a common term used to B The response or evidence from the When the nature or magnitude of the indication suggests that the cause adn an application of a non-destructive examination.

API | API – Welding Inspection and Metallurgy

Covered electrodes ent welding processes. Has a low tolerance for contaminants on filler or base metals. Conversely, if the limits are narrow, the metal is length and travel speed. Require additional NDE to address deficiencies in a. The qualitatively size flaws. An adequate number of exposures should be ferent types of images and conditions associated in industrial made to demonstrate that the required coverage is met for cir- radiography.

The referencing codes or standards inslection require the exam- iner be qualified in accordance with a specific code and certi- 4.

Identify and correct deficiencies. Repeat missing or metaolurgy examinations.