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If that crossover wasn’t enough for you, how about this one? One of the most beloved Doctor’s of all time is the 4th Doctor, played by Tom Baker. Well, now you can dress up like you have in one of our Doctors or Surgeon Costumes! The actual styling can take less than twenty minutes, plus any additional time showering. X Research source – Take care not to get hairspray in your eyes, as it is usually harmful. Despite having a rocky start to their relationship, the Doctor grew to genuinely care for Cinder and tried to force her away from him, worried that he wouldn’t be able to protect her from the Time War. I can’t tell you what it is about long jackets that make the Doctor seem more heroic, but they do, and this is certainly the case for Doctor Number Eleven. You can purchase a replica online, if you can’t knit. If you can’t grow your own, sticky-backed fur will work.

The War Doctor actually had his own, very practical, leather jacket which was brown rather than black. I used a large black leather bag that we found at the thrift store. Best feature: Long, leather trenchcoat with popped collar. Best feature: Converse with tux! Best feature: Long, green military-style coat! Best feature: Jaunty top hat! Best feature: Matching bowler hat! Very festive velvet waistcoat paired with a jaunty top hat and long, maroon coat; wool scarf looks quite cozy. However, the current and 13th Doctor also has a homage to the scarf. The Experience in Cardiff sat in the Cardiff Bay area, adjacent to Roath Lock, where Doctor Who was filmed from 2012 onwards. To people that have only ever watched New Who they would say that The Doctor’s best friend is either Donna or Any Pond. Since he was trying to blend in with other people on Earth he had quite a simple look.

During a rescue mission to Rovidia, the Doctor adopted a robed appearance to blend in with the Rovidians, justifying the simplicity of the disguise due to the Rovidians being “simple people”. With Jamie being in every story line of The Second Doctor’s apart from the first he is almost synonymous with The Troughton years as much as Troughton himself. So simple, but so refined — and definitely telling of the 12th Doctor’s style. The Tenth Doctor’s slightly disheveled clothing pointed to his light-hearted, youthful and sometimes cheeky personality. In the same way that David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor is a modern day homage of the Fifth, I think the Eleventh is even more so of the Second. Some of the more modern Doctor’s are known for their glasses. Here are 10 hidden details about the Doctor’s costume that you may have missed! The boots are marked “S. But unlike vintage rockers, the Doctor keeps his boots shined and almost impeccable, like it’s the first time he’s put them on.

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